sand 5.25 / 7.50 sub

House Roasted Meats

Angus Beef
Pit Ham
Corned Beef Brisket
Pork Loin
Turkey Breast
Oscar's Smokehouse Meats

Smoked Turkey
Imported Specialty Meats
Genoa Salami
Hot Cappicola
Other Options
Tongal Tuna Salad
Mixed Fresh Veggies

add .50 for sang/ .75 for Sub
Land o Lakes American Finlandia Swiss
Provolone Sharp NY Cheddar
Muenster Pepper Jack

add1.00 sang/ 1.50 sub
Brie Chevre Fresh Mozzarella
Gorgonzola Smoked Gouda Feta
Gruyere Dill Havarti
OTHER (you have to ask!)

All of our deli style sandwiches come on your choice of homemade, sliced, sourdough breads or rolls and Subs are on your choice of italian, whole wheat roll, or can be made on a baguette.

add .10 ea.sang / .25 for sub
carrots cucumbers fresh peppers capers
pickles greens instead hot rings black olives

Other Toppings
add .25 ea. sang/ .35 sub
spinach roasted red peppers kalamata olives

artichoke hearts sun dried tomatoes
muffaletta spread

More Toppings
.75 ea. sang/ 1.50 sub
bacon avocado
Hellman’s Mayo
various mustards
hot pepper spread
balsamic vinaigrette
flavored mayos vary and include: horseradish, wasabi, cajun, chipotle, aioli, pesto, etc.

Bread, meat, choice of dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion is included in price

Half Sandwiches

You can order any sandwich in halfsize portion if you would like...... any time you want.
But you will regret not having the second half to take home for later, after you realize how delicious our sandwiches are, but, whatever.......

Deli Style $ 3.50
plus cheese...$ 3.75
Specialty Style $ 4.50
Premium Style $ 4.95

Specialty Sandwiches / Subs
6.25 / 8.50

Italian Chicken Breast: with roasted reds, provolone, and pesto mayo
Thai Chicken Breast: Coated in Thai Curry and sesame with a peanut sauce
Buffalo Chicken Breast: with hot sauce, blue cheese, and lettuce
Barbeque Chicken Breast: with our tangy barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese and topped with slaw
French Dip: on a baguette, beef with real au jus for dipping
Grilled Italian Eggplant: with roasted reds, provolone and dressing
Grilled Thai Eggplant: coated in spices with a Thai peanut sauce. HOT/HOT
Roasted Vegetables: fresh roasted veggies with goat cheese on black olive


Tuna Nicoise: on black olive with capers, olives, greens and tomatoes
Tomato Caprese: on semolina with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, greens and balsamic dressing
Herb Chicken Salad: from our special herb infused whole chickens with roasted garlic on rosemary bread w/ tomatoes and greens
Chevre Vegetarian: with goat cheese, cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, and other veggies and our balsamic dressing
Turkey Gobbler: our fresh turkey with cranberry ketchup, cheddar cheese and apple
NY Italian: sopresseta and ham, with provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and greens

Premium Sandwiches / Subs
7.25 / 9.50


Philly Cheese Steak: roast angus beef with peppers, onions, cheese on a roll
Cuban Pork: pork loin with peppers, onions, cheese and mojo dressing
Rueben: Corned Beef, swiss, sauerkraut and Russian on grilled rye
Jerk Chicken Breast: with Caribbean spices, grilled pineapple, served on raisin
Greek Eggplant: Eggplant, grilled and topped with pepperoncini, tomato and feta on black olive bread
Grilled Ham and Brie: w/ dijon on white
BBQ Pork: our sliced pork loin sautéed with onions and melted cheddar cheese, then topped
with slaw, Memphis style.


Parma Proscuitto: Proscuitto ham with Asiago cheese, tomatoes, basil, greens and balsamic dressing on semolina
Gorgonzola Chicken Salad: Chicken salad w/ gorgonzola cheese, apples and pecans on rosemary bread
Italian Muffaletta: several different Italian meats, with roasted reds, provolone, onions and greens with a caper, olive, and sun-dried tomato spread on a semolina
Mediterranean Veg: Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, fresh spinach with our muffaletta spread, with sun dried tomatoes, capers and kalamata olives, and feta cheese.
Smoked Salmon: Maine smoked salmon with cream cheese, onion, greens and capers on potato dill bread

Salads & Plates

We offer a wide variety of salads for in house, or To Go. We only use organic Mesculin Greens, and local ones when they are available, mixed with lettuces.
All of our side salads, like everything else, are made from scratch right here in our kitchen, so we know what is in them without reading a label on the side of the bucket...if you know what I mean.
Salads are available in three sizes in house and are priced accordingly. You can get them by the cup, which is about a half pound, or on the side of a sandwich, which is about 4 ounces. Of course you can get any of them on top of greens, also.
All of our salads are also available to go by the pound, or any fraction of!

Small Plates:
House green $ 3.25

Organic mixed greens topped with traditional salad stuff and our balsamic vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad $ 3.75
traditional style, tossed with our “perfect Caesar “

either can be topped with:
Herb Chicken Salad $ 5.75
Gorg Chicken Salad $ 5.95
Tuna Salad $ 4.95
a la nicoise $ 5.75

or topped with:
by the cup / on the side
Greek Salad $ 5.75 / 3.75 / 1.75
Tuscan Chicken $ 5.95 / 3.95 / 1.95
Mixed Olives $ 4.95 / 4.50 / 2.50
Roasted Veggies $ 4.95 / 3.00 / 1.50
Our Potato Salad $ 4.75 / 2.75 / 1.50
Other House Sides $ 3.95 / 2.25 / 1.00

Just for Kids

Grilled American $ 2.95
PBJ on whole wheat $ 2.25
Kid’s sized Deli $ 3.95 w/ cheese $ 4.25

Luncheon Salad Plates
These are larger salads, meant to be lunch. Duh! We will assume that you are asking for our house green mix and our Balsamic dressing, unless you specify something else. There is a 1.00 upcharge for Caesar or Creamy Gorgonzola unless noted

Grilled Chicken $ 6.75
Buffalo Chicken $ 6.95

(Spicy grilled chicken w/ balsamic & blue)
Nicoise $ 6.95
(csr w/ tuna, topped traditionally)
Spinach Salad $ 5.50
(topped with egg, bacon, mushrooms, etc.)
Chef Salad $ 6.95
( topped with meats, cheeses and egg)
Special Salad
options and pricing change daily

Daily Soups
We make soup everyday. In the winter, (which around here can be,like,8 months) we have at least four to choose from every day. All of the soups are made here, just like everything else, from our homemade stocks. They are not high in sodium as a result. We strive to have at least one vegan or vegetarian soup every day, also. In the other, warmer months, we usually have at least two hot soups, and one or two cold soups daily
Soups are served with bread and are available in four sizes, in house. We also offer a soup sampler, which is all four soups in the small size, and no, they are not all mixed together. You do that yourself, in your stomach!
6 oz. $ 1.95 / 12 oz. $ 2.95
16 oz. $ 3.95 / 24 oz. $ 4.95
Soup Sampler $ 6.95
Half Sandwiches
You can order any size soup... with any half sandwich... any time you want

Deli Style $ 3.50
plus cheese...$ 3.75
Specialty Style $ 4.50
Premium Style $ 4.95

Saranac Sourdough goes a step further than almost every other restaurant. We create every loaf of bread right here, by hand, and then we load each one individually into our stone deck oven and hearth bake it. Most of the breads are dense and chewy with a thick crust. The yeasted sourdoughs are a lot softer and fluffier with a softer crust.
Our all natural sourdough starter, which was made by fermenting wild Adirondack grapes, has been living, breathing and eating since 1995, and we have been here at this location since 1998.

Pure Sourdough Raised Breads

Country White
Rosemary Olive Oil
Black Olive
Seeded Multigrain
Potato Dill
French Baguette

Yeasted Sourdough Breads

Honey Whole Wheat
Sesame Semolina
New York Rye

Bread and Baguettes
from 3.25 - 6.50



(518) 523 - 4897

Get to Know.....
Saranac Sourdough

Saranac Sourdough began in 1995 as a seasonal business in Saranac Lake, NY. (Oh,that’s right, that is how we got our name), retailing hand made, hearthed baked, pure sourdough raised breads through area farmer’s markets. We opened here in Lake Placid and expanded our culinary offerings the summer of 1998.
We have been committed to having the “best food in the Adirondacks”(Thanks,Lauren) since then and here is why. We only buy the best of ingredients. Everything, from soups to salads, are made here. We roast our own meats, buy local supplies whenever they are available, and organic when ever feasible. Our breads are all made with unbleached, unbromated King Arthur Flour, the best there is, made here, not just ‘baked’ here.
We are Eileen & John Black, we are owner operated, and we take great pride in everything that is made here. We offer sandwiches, salads, platters, specialty meats and we cut at least 30 different cheeses, sometimes more. We can make you dinner to go in a moments notice. We can arrange a party for you, and prepare everything, soup to nuts! We make all of our pastries, pies and cookies, desserts and other treats from scratch. No mixes, no buckets of stuff with questionable origins, no fillers or high fructose blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know, everybody says that. We really DO it!

We are the “Real Deal”... real food, real good, at a very fair price