The Basics

Eggs, free range and local, any style , served w/ toast 3.75
add breakfast meat 5.50 add home fries 4.95 add both 6.95
Egg Sandwich 4.75
Two eggs, bacon, ham, or sausage patty,with your choice of cheese,or else we use american, on any one of our sourdough breads or rolls. No meat...4.25 No cheese...4.50
Omelets 6.50 and up
Three of our farm fresh eggs, start with some kind of cheese, a couple of veggies, and maybe some meat, and that costs 6.50 and comes with toast. Of course, you can have anything in them, and we will charge accordingly. Of course we can do egg whites.

Sourdough Pancakes 5.50
Our sourdough starter with buckwheat flour and maple syrup right inside. These are grainy and have slightly sour tang. There are three large pancakes to an order.
Two would be short stack and that is 4.75

Adirondack Flapjacks 4.95
Classic Lake Placid recipe, made with buttermilk and eggs. These are sweeter and more fluffy than your average pancake. Again, there are three to an order, two is a short stack and is 4.25

Comes with real maple syrup, but if you want more it’s 1.00 per oz
Add Breakfast meat, like bacon, ham or sausage $1.95
Add Berries $ 1.50
Add two eggs to any order for 2.50 / sub whites for eggs 1.00

Beyond Basic

Mountain Man Combo 8.95
a.k.a. the “Gordie”. This is two pancakes, or flapjacks, with two eggs, any style, your choice of a full order of breakfast meat, home fries and your choice of toast. It’s big, and it cannot be shared. Sorry! If you are thinking about sharing then order.......

Mountain Woman Combo 5.95
About half of the above, in bulk not in intelligence. (Ladies, I’ve got your back) pancake, one egg, half order of meat and home fries, you get it. Of course you do.

Challah French Toast 4.95
Egg rich braid, bathed in a cinnamon egg batter, griddle cooked and served with real maple syrup

Just Toast 1.25
Just Raisin Toast 1.75

Disclaimers...I only want to say this once

Adults sharing one breakfast will be charged 2.50 plate chg.
Raisin toast in place of other toast is .50 more
Side of our much copied Home Fries is 1.50
Extra Maple Syrup is 1.00 an ounce..sorry, it really costs us a lot
Peanut butter or Cream Cheese is .75 extra

The Really Special Stuff

Corned Beef Hash 7.95
Homemade, this is the best hash you will ever have. Lower in fat than most, we cook the egg right in the patty to hold it together. Of course there are two and they are over easy unless you speak up. Served with your choice of toast.

Paysanne 5.75
This has become our signature dish. Our home fries, delicious, scrambled all together with peppers, onions and two eggs.
with meat 6.95 with cheese 6.25 with both 7.50
(we do a special paysanne at every Sunday Brunch)

Croque Madame 7.95
French bistro classic, this is a panini grilled ham and gruyere sandwich, topped with two over easy eggs and served with home fries. This is the “poorman’s Eggs Benedict”, but with only about half the fat and calories.

Raisin French Toast 6.50
made with our raisin brioche bathed in cinnamon egg batter and griddle cooked and served with real maple syrup

Breakfast is served daily from 8 am till 11:30 am
On Sundays we do breakfast all day from 9 am till 3 pm
Saranac Sourdough
2126 Saranac Avenue
Lake Placid, New York
Breakfast Menu